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Everyone in any university business program knows just how important accounting is to their success in a business program. Using the right tools to learn accounting will really give individuals an edge over the competition in the competitive world of college and business. This is why it is important for individuals to use the right tools right from the beginning in order to get the best desired results in their pursuit of knowledge. Educators can also find that using the right course material can truly help their students to learn in a much more effective manner.

Wiley is a textbook publisher that has been at the top of their game for many years now. Wiley has created a textbook for accounting that is truly leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Principles of Econometrics, 5th Edition is much more that just a textbook as well. Principles of Econometrics, 5th Edition comes with Wiley Plus, which offers students a wide supply of tools to help them succeed in their accounting studies. The iStudy resource that Wiley Plus offers allows students to learn above and beyond what other students in their same accounting course are learning. Not only will this help in university studies, but this comprehensive knowledge of accounting can greatly help individuals after they have graduated and are in the business world.

WileyPlus is a great resource for students who really want to grasp the whole concept of accounting. WileyPlus gives students the ability to print out and complete practice problems. They can then take these practice problems to their professor to help clarify and fix any mistakes that may have taken place. This is a great way for students to practice their skills in problem solving without negatively affecting their grade.

The E-textbook version of Principles of Econometrics, 5th Edition is also a great tool for students who don’t want to lug around a large and heavy textbook in their backpack. The E-textbook is available wherever there is a wifi connection, which makes studying a breeze. The accessibility to studying is greatly raised when students can access the textbook more easily. WileyPlus has a great tool that complies the mistakes students make during any given chapter on the practice problems. This then allows WileyPlus to create a customized study guide that will allow students to better perform on quizzes and exams. It can be tough to know what to study for in a university course, but WileyPlus takes out the guess work.

Overall, these features offered by WileyPlus really give students a great opportunity to raise their grade in their accounting course. This is a great educational tool that can raise the GPA of a business student who is looking for that competitive edge in their university. It is easy to see why so many professors and students choose this textbook published by Wiley. The added educational tools offered by WileyPlus truly makes this more than just a regular textbook. It is easy for students to truly excel when they have access to these tools.

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