New edition calculus book

calculus-early-transcendentalsLearning calculus can be exciting and challenging, this topic truly represents college level mathematics. Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, 10th Edition is the most popular book for this topic. Many college students are required to take calculus for a variety of majors including physics, biology, economics, engineering, and math. In biology, calculus is used to describe population growth, students in these classes use calculus to compute the birth and death rate of populations. In chemistry, calculus can be used to better understand the nature of reactions. This is because there are equations available for reaction rates and radioactive decay which have been derived from calculus. In physics, motion, heat, dynamics, and a great variety of other physical concepts utilize calculus equations in their proofs and in the solutions to many problems. For economics students, it is used to calculate marginal cost and marginal revenue; real life economists frequently use these equations to find the best way to maximize profit! It is clear that calculus is an extremely useful and a wide ranging topic, it is helpful for understanding not only the theory behind many topics of study, but also for solving problems. read more

Economics eBook

Development EconomicsDevelopment Economics: Theory, Empirical Research, and Policy Analysis by Julie Schaffner is an important text for instructing students to view development in a logical manner. This is a comprehensive text on economic theory which informs the students about the latest research and connects theory to modern developmental practices. read more