Studying anatomy and physiology is complex and can be time-consuming

principles of human anatomyThe Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 13th Edition is a book that covers anatomy and physiology course for several health-related professions. The book continues with the presentation of facts as its previous editions covering the theme of homeostasis with several discussions that support the disruptions to homeostasis. It also gives a detailed coverage of the relationship between structure and function.

The edition has integrated text and media to give the students the needed tips and tools to help in their studios. On the other hand, the instructors would benefit from the created dynamic class experiences as well as getting hands on meaningful assessment opportunities. The edition has awesome resources that built a seamless link between the laboratory activity with study time and lecture presentation.

The visual science in learning anatomy and physiology

Studying anatomy and physiology is complex and can be time-consuming. The Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 13th Edition maximizes the study time by a visual design that gives the students simple choices in deciding what to study and how to study the material as well as assessing the understanding of the content learned.

Understanding the figure is very important as reading the narrative. The edition has several tools to help the students understand the concepts presented in any figure.

The figure starts with a legend that explains what the figure is all about. The second subheading in a figure is the key concept statement, which is indicated by a key icon. It reveals the basic idea that is portrayed by the figure presented.

In addition, an orientation diagram is added to many figures. It is a small diagram that helps one in understanding the perspective from which he or she is viewing the anatomical piece of art. Besides the anatomical art is a figure question, which helps the student, self-check his or her understanding of the materials that are presented as he or she reads along. Finally, some diagrams also come with a functions box that provides a brief summary of the functions of the systems depicted in the figure.

Learning anatomy in modules

To aid the students in learning complex terminology and anatomy the Principles of Anatomy and Physiology 13th edition has organized many of the topics in Exhibits that condense all the information that is needed in learning complex anatomy and terminology in a simple contentment module. There are exhibits for the bones, tissues, blood vessels, nerves and skeletal muscles.

Each module contains the main objective of the study, an overview of the structure, a summary of key structural features in a table. A checkpoint that assesses the understanding of the student and finally a clinical connection between what the student learns and application details in a clinical setting.

More resources

Wiley Plus has enhanced the effectiveness of understanding anatomy with many more features in this edition. Every chapter starts with an introduction that gives an overview of how the part of the body maintains homeostasis, followed by the objectives of the study. At the end of the chapter are checkpoint questions that help assess what the student has absorbed. The mnemonics at the end of the chapter are memory aids that are helpful to learning certain anatomical features.

The only place where teachers can create the right content for their students

Teaching-and-learningThe WileyPlus learning space is the only place where teachers can create the right content for their students. WileyPlus is the best thing for teachers who want to make better lessons, and the students who are learning from the WileyPlus learning space are going to learn faster. The lessons are more memorable, and the lessons are going to stick with kids who remember the bright colors, videos and illustrations.

The Lessons

Any teacher can put any lesson into the WileyPlus system, and the WileyPlus learning space will spit out an amazing lesson that has many different activities and worksheets. Kids love to do things that seem fun, and the kids will ask for more lessons from the WileyPlus system because they were so fun. This is a simple way to make sure that kids are learning, and the kids are going to have more fun when they know that the lessons come from the right place. The old lessons that were boring are not going to move the kids anymore, but the kids are going to jump for joy when they see these lessons.

The Variety

The system allows kids to get lessons from many sources. A teacher can set up one lesson that uses a video, but another lesson can come with a great coloring sheet. Each lesson will be completely different from the last, and the lessons will be much more interesting because they are never going to repeat themselves. The system is so easy to use that people will be able to use the system every year to refresh the lessons they already made.

Teachers who are looking for great variety will notice that they can bring together their lesson plans in almost no time at all. Parents will see new lessons every year, and teachers will be able to change a lesson at any time. The lessons plans that are made in the system are some of the easiest for kids to complete, but the material is not simple. The material is just easier for kids to understand.

The Speed

The system will spit out lessons in just a couple seconds, and a teacher who was not sure what to do just a minute ago will be able to get the results they want when they are looking for new things to do with their kids. The teacher that needs help in a hurry can get that help from the computer in their classroom, and the teacher will be able to print out the sheets right from their computer

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Future-focused education title for computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics

Engineering-MathematicsFuture-focused education has played a primal role in building student interaction and perceptiveness in a learning environment. Modern educational tools and resources help learners to explore ideas in a profound way. Wiley publishing house has added another phenomenal book to their library of educational products. It’s called Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig 10th edition.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig 10th edition teaches the principles and fundamentals of the subject in a methodical way. It’s aimed at encouraging student interaction, increasing concentration and achieving retention. This production is a teamed effort of a decorated mathematician, Ernin Kreyszig of Carleton University, Canada and co-authors Hernan Kreyszig and Edward J. Norminton. The professor has included exercises to help students understand Mathematics and practice based on their learning style. Kreyszig and his team plans to equip learners with the tools needed to excel. This educational product is an asset that serves students studying computer science, engineering, mathematics or physics. What’s impressive and different about this brand-new production? A student gets an opportunity to explore a collection of cutting-edge tools and self-study materials. The creators offer WileyPlus as a bonus tool for learners to get access to their textbook at anytime and anywhere. WileyPlus serve students who enjoy an online education instead of a traditional learning environment.

Wiley educational materials are concise and include exercises focused on helping students to retain the lessons learned. They’re loaded with information that a learner can understand easily. All lessons include thorough topics that are comprehensible and uses well-structured format. This modern textbook uses the latest standard notation tools aimed at helping learners keep journals based on their courses. Each chapter explores the subject as a unit by itself. This gives a student an opportunity to focus on difficult lessons. Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig 10th edition includes references to explore the lessons that exceed the principles of this textbook. Wiley’s publishing house has three different versions of textbooks from which a buyer can choose. They’re offering a learner the opportunity to choose either a print copy, a digital textbook or loose leaf edition. Another attractive bonus is that they make doorstep delivery in Australia. They’re also giving a 20% discount for a print copy.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig 10th edition have been designed to appreciate students irrespective of their learning techniques. Learners can explore an interactive environment with a digital copy of the course. It includes WileyPlus and E-text software for $65 AUD or an E-text only version for $50 AUD. The E-text resource has an online and offline mode. It’s aimed at limiting the frustration when searching for lessons and highlighting key notes. A student can access the notes using a smart phone, Tablet, iPad or a compatible computer. The attractive benefit it that Wiley offers a student lifetime ownership of E-texts after they’ve purchased it. Scholars who prefer to travel light are equally equipped to do so with Wiley’s loose leaf textbook for just $87.96 AUD. Students have an opportunity to include WileyPlus as part of their purchase. The paperback textbook is for $125.56 with or without WileyPlus.

Learn more about Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig 10th edition and other educational Wiley textbooks here. These textbooks include perceptive, instructive, concise lessons that can help any struggling learner reach academic success.

What are Principles of Econometrics

Principles of EconometricsThe Principles of Econometrics 4th Edition textbook is a concisely compiled beginner’s text now available to finance and economics students in both hardcover and e-text versions. Brought to consumers by economics professors Hill, Griffiths and Lim and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., The Principles of Econometrics 4th Edition is a great addition to any finance library with a reasonable amount of new and improved content as well as core econometric principles explained .

Targeted towards first-year undergraduate students in finance and economics, the material presented is clear and illustrative, duly appropriate for first-years in other disciplines as well. Finance graduate students and those enrolled in MBA programs and other fields of study in which the Principles of Econometrics shows some importance, may all benefit from this book. With easy-to-digest terms and explanations it is a valuable textbook reference and building block materials.

Likewise, many students seeking a firm grasp on econometrics will find that the work done by this unique group of authors satisfies this objective in many respects. The 4th Edition of the Principles of Econometrics “Applies basic econometric tools to modeling, estimation, inference, and forecasting through real world problems.” It also provides students with many opportunities for critical thinking and analysis as well as a solid foundation in econometric method production. This vital emphasis on production can better help prepare students for a successful future in finance and economics. Its clear that in those areas, as with most fields, new and innovative concepts are always in demand.

The latest version of the Principles of Econometrics also differs from previous editions with its various content revisions, error fixes, and new and useful information.

It houses improved content on topics such as “Regression with Time Series Data” and “Kernel Density Fitting” as well as added questions and problems at the end of each chapter. And as always it also reflects most recent information available on today’s finance and economic markets to provide practical and useful examples for students.

Helpful instructor and student resources are also available through Wileys’ companion sites for book holders as well.The instructor’s companion website includes a host of useful materials including a manual, test bank, powerpoint presentations and data files and selected answers for each chapter.

The students companion site provides similar data files for each chapter and is a proven method of enhancing student learning. Students who rely on both the text and the supportive software often have a better chance of comprehending and applying the concepts presented. This along with a reasonable price of $50 for the e-text version makes this a suitable choice for many finance and economic students in any income class.

Free shipping is also provided within Australia for the print version which is available for under $135 through Wiley Direct. This site is a campaigned for offering affordable textbooks and educational resources to the general public.

In summary, for non-finance majors with a basic need of econometrics as well as beginning finance and economics students,The Principles of Econometrics 4th Edition is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for guiding students through the fundamental concepts and methods of econometrics.

Financial Accounting

Financial AccountingEveryone in any university business program knows just how important accounting is to their success in a business program. Using the right tools to learn accounting will really give individuals an edge over the competition in the competitive world of college and business. This is why it is important for individuals to use the right tools right from the beginning in order to get the best desired results in their pursuit of knowledge. Educators can also find that using the right course material can truly help their students to learn in a much more effective manner.

Wiley is a textbook publisher that has been at the top of their game for many years now. Wiley has created a textbook for accounting that is truly leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Financial Accounting 9th edition is much more that just a textbook as well. Financial Accounting 9th edition comes with Wiley Plus, which offers students a wide supply of tools to help them succeed in their accounting studies. The iStudy resource that Wiley Plus offers allows students to learn above and beyond what other students in their same accounting course are learning. Not only will this help in university studies, but this comprehensive knowledge of accounting can greatly help individuals after they have graduated and are in the business world.

WileyPlus is a great resource for students who really want to grasp the whole concept of accounting. WileyPlus gives students the ability to print out and complete practice problems. They can then take these practice problems to their professor to help clarify and fix any mistakes that may have taken place. This is a great way for students to practice their skills in problem solving without negatively affecting their grade.

The E-textbook version of Financial Accounting 9th edition is also a great tool for students who don’t want to lug around a large and heavy textbook in their backpack. The E-textbook is available wherever there is a wifi connection, which makes studying a breeze. The accessibility to studying is greatly raised when students can access the textbook more easily. WileyPlus has a great tool that complies the mistakes students make during any given chapter on the practice problems. This then allows WileyPlus to create a customized study guide that will allow students to better perform on quizzes and exams. It can be tough to know what to study for in a university course, but WileyPlus takes out the guess work.

Overall, these features offered by WileyPlus really give students a great opportunity to raise their grade in their accounting course. This is a great educational tool that can raise the GPA of a business student who is looking for that competitive edge in their university. It is easy to see why so many professors and students choose this textbook published by Wiley. The added educational tools offered by WileyPlus truly makes this more than just a regular textbook. It is easy for students to truly excel when they have access to these tools.

New edition calculus book

calculus-early-transcendentalsLearning calculus can be exciting and challenging, this topic truly represents college level mathematics. Calculus Early Transcendentals 10th Edition is the most popular book for this topic. Many college students are required to take calculus for a variety of majors including physics, biology, economics, engineering, and math. In biology, calculus is used to describe population growth, students in these classes use calculus to compute the birth and death rate of populations. In chemistry, calculus can be used to better understand the nature of reactions. This is because there are equations available for reaction rates and radioactive decay which have been derived from calculus. In physics, motion, heat, dynamics, and a great variety of other physical concepts utilize calculus equations in their proofs and in the solutions to many problems. For economics students, it is used to calculate marginal cost and marginal revenue; real life economists frequently use these equations to find the best way to maximize profit! It is clear that calculus is an extremely useful and a wide ranging topic, it is helpful for understanding not only the theory behind many topics of study, but also for solving problems.

When choosing a calculus book, there is a great selection that is available, however Calculus Early Transcendentals 10th Edition tends to be the book of preference for many professors. It is also the book that students prefer, one of the main reasons why students prefer it is because it is available in digital and paper formats. This is helpful for two reasons, students can access the book in both formats and can work on their course material even when they don’t have their book with them. It is also beneficial for students who need to save money, the digital version of the book is less costly than the paper format. These options exist because Wiley, the publisher, is committed to providing materials to meet the needs of a diverse range of students. This stems from their foundational belief that educational materials should be accessible to everyone.

Calculus Early Transcendentals 10th Edition is not only convenient and cost-effective, it has also been written by experts in the field. Although the book has been written by high level professionals, it has been written to be very understandable and the concepts are expressed in everyday language. The text utilizes images whenever possible to engage students on the topic of calculus. Stephen Davis is one of the three authors of this book, he is currently a professor of mathematics at Davidson College. Davis has extensive experience, he has been teaching calculus for over 30 years! When teaching in the field of calculus, experience is extremely important; every students learns differently, and as professors encounter more students, they become adept at representing the material in a way that is understandable to everyone.

Calculus Early Transcendentals is also a very thorough book with many additional resources. This book provides hundreds of questions throughout the book, but also offers additional practice questions and tests online. By making the book accessible, understandable, and by providing additional resources, the authors of this book have optimized it for the success of every student.

Economics eBook

Development EconomicsDevelopment Economics: Theory, Empirical Research, and Policy Analysis by Julie Schaffner is an important text for instructing students to view development in a logical manner. This is a comprehensive text on economic theory which informs the students about the latest research and connects theory to modern developmental practices.

Development Economics Theory Empirical Research and Policy Analysis presents a blueprint for the study of emerging economies that is based on a microeconomic framework and emphasizes the importance of examining transaction costs and transportation expenses, problems concerning risk and information, and the rules of institutions.

The text also provides a sequential path to policy analysis in the fields of workfare, agriculture, infrastructure, technology, microfinance, health, and targeted transfers, and applies this approach to policies from around the world.

The e-text version of the text can be read on or off the Internet with a computer, an iPad, tablet, or phone.

Important Features

• Theoretical layout to structure your study of the ways consumers in emerging countries make key choices about the products and services they purchase, their use of time, their investment choices, what occurs when they interact with each other in the market setting, and methods of intervention for policymakers.
• Systematic approach to analysis that guides the student through a comprehensive study of policies’ benefits, costs, and the ways changes in policies’ designs or governance structures might alter these costs and benefits.

• Highlights pragmatic evidence to teach students the importance of joining theory with real world economics through research.

• Discussion questions, review questions are and self-study activities are included at the end of each chapter to help students identify and enrich their understanding of the chapters’ primary concepts and challenge them to apply these ideas to other questions.
The Author

Julie Schaffner is the author of Development Economics: Theory, Empirical Research, and Policy Analysis. She is a visiting associate professor of international economics. Her education includes an AB from the University of Michigan, and a PhD in Economics from Yale University.
The author is active as a consultant to UNESCO, and the World Bank. She is an advisor to the Committee of Faith and International Affairs.

Ms. Schaffner was a Senior Research Scholar and Deputy Director at Stanford University Center for Research on Economic Development and Policy Reform.

Remember, Julie Schaffner Development Economics: Theory, Empirical Research, and Policy Analysis by Julie Schaffner is an important text for instructing students to view development in a logical manner. This is a comprehensive text on economic theory which informs the students about the latest research and connects theory to modern developmental practices.

The text uses economic theory and practical research to instruct students on policy and development. This text will provide the student with the skills to define developmental goals, comprehend systems of development, isolate possible obstructions to development, and configure potential interventions.
This text has a variety of frameworks, analyses, and self-study activities, making it the perfect text to help a student get through an economics degree successfully.